Coronavirus: Italy will ask for Euro 2020 to be postponed, according to Italian FA President

Italy’s football federation will ask for the Euro 2020 tournament to be postponed over the coronavirus outbreak.

“We will propose to UEFA the delay of the European Championships,” Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation told the SportMediaset television channel.

“We will try to get to the end of this [domestic] championship because it is fairer and more correct after the many investments and sacrifices of our clubs.”

Football across Europe has ground to a halt as a result of the spread of the coronavirus, with national and continental club competitions suspended or postponed.

The Premier League and EFL have postponed all fixtures until April 4 and 3 respectively at the earliest.

Representatives of European clubs and leagues and the players will join national federations on an emergency video-conference call organised by UEFA on Tuesday.

Discussions will include Euro 2020 which is due to take place in 12 European countries, including Italy, from 12 June to 12 July.

Gravina expects the total shutdown of Italian football to carry on throughout April, but insists no solution right now will feel ideal.

“I’m convinced April 3rd is too near to think about an immediate restart of all activities, not just sporting-wise but also in terms of economy,” he told Rai Radio 1. “That is why I have started talking about a possible restart in early May, but this date is also totally hypothetical at this stage.

“I can’t rule out anything. We have to try and make plans with the most optimistic idea, which is to get to the end of all championships.

“Among the other options, I also pre-announced the possibility of not awarding the title, freezing the current league standings or resorting to play-offs.

“If finishing the leagues will not be possible, we will adopt other decisions. I won’t rule out that the current league campaign could be balanced between two different seasons.

“I appreciate there’s a lot of curiosity around what will happen, but nobody is in a position to say what our future will be.

“The postponement of Euro 2020 is the idea to follow. On Tuesday we’ll ask UEFA for an act of responsibility and a contribution to all federations to a path that aims for the safeguard of the health of all athletes, fans and citizens of the world, because it’s an issue that doesn’t only involve Italy.

“On Tuesday we’ll all be logged in, we’ll debate and I hope the most responsible decision will be taken, although it’s wide of the mark to think that there is an ideal solution right now.”

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